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    Q&A for: Lysol - - Answers - The Most …翻译此页Lysol does not kill mono, but mono is spread through saliva. If the person is sneezing and year old with mono - BabyCenter翻译此页My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with mono last week while at the hospital getting fluids ... We are wiping down the entire house with Lysol wipes and spray can lysol say it kills viruses, when viruses are only ...翻译此页已解决 · 上次更新日期: 2007-9-29 · 6 条留言 · 首次发布时间: 2007-9-28Best Answer: The Lysol Website uses the term "inactivates" in regard to stopping viruses. Inactivated viruses cannot invade the body and cause disease 天前PDFLYSOL TM a Unique Emulsifier - Charbhuja

    Lysol is a hydrolyzed lecithin obtained by hydrolysis of standard lecithin. ... Mix saturated mono and diglyceride (50% mono) Sodium steroyl -2- lactylate (SSL)